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There’s a difference between Farming and Gardening, but there is also similarity. They both grow vegetables or fruits or flowers. While a gardener grows what appeals to their taste buds, a farmer grows what the market or the consumer demands.


No doubt, farming is more tedious than gardening. A farmer doesn’t grow his produce in a few pots or a small area. Rather a large area is cultivated, and a particular crop is cultivated over a long stretch of land. But in recent times, many people are buying small plots to grow their own produce or taking up farming to meet the demands of organic and fresh produce. Whether you’re tending to a 550 sqft garden to serve your family or working in acres of field, you need to keep some points in mind that will help you understand whether you are doing it right. 


For decades farming has followed the industrial method of producing large quantities of the same crop. In a country like India, farming has been practiced since the dawn of the earliest civilization. Different regions have different methods of farming. But with years they have transformed and several methods of innovation have come up.


Below we have listed few secrets of farming that experts don’t want you to know.


  • Soil Testing – Soil testing is nothing but analyzing the quality of soil for the right kind of composition, nutrient content, pH level, or acidity and finding ways to improve soil quality. It is the first and the most important step that should be practiced in farms whether growing vegetables for the market or for your table. Without a soil analysis, it’s nearly impossible to tell what is your soil lacking, and how it can be improved.

Over time the quality of soil changes, so it is important that once your growing season is over, you get your soil tested again. This is the perfect way to manage the quality of the soil.

  • Crop rotation – Crop rotation is the practice of growing different crops over some time on a particular piece of land. Growing the same crop reduces the soil quality of the land, over time it will make your soil infertile. There are several advantages of crop rotation that makes it the most preferred method of farming. Improved soil fertility, increased yield, increased organic content, pest and weed control are some of the many benefits. This method has helped farmers over the years to be successful, and many are still following this method.
  • Manure as a fertilizer – Manure contains micronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. All of these are important for the healthy growth of the plant. Manure slowly releases these into the soil. This makes it easy for plants to absorb the nutrients. Farmers use manure both as a fertilizer and a soil amendment. Using organic manure will increase the yield, and improve soil quality. You do not need to use any other chemical fertilizers if you use cow manure or composting regularly. But make sure you do not over-fertilize your plants.
  • Watering is the key – There are many types of irrigation system that supplies water to the entire land. Water is important from the very beginning when you sow your seeds, to the entire growing process. Irrigation water can come from underground wells or reservoirs, rivers or lakes, or rainwater harvesting. In modern sustainable systems, nozzles with sprinklers are the most convenient way of watering. One needs to keep in mind that water is a valuable resource and you should keep a tab on its usage.


In a country like India, farming is still an important occupation. With improvements in technique and methods, there have also been changes in the products used. The above-mentioned methods are tried and tested methods that help the farmers to produce a huge yield. You can try them at your farm, each step is important for efficient farming.


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