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Agriculture is the backbone of our country; it accounts for about 16% of our GDP and employs around 42% of the country’s workforce.While every other business is busy reaping the benefits of e-commerce, agriculture still remains far behind. But experts believe that this sector can be uplifted with better use of technology.

Agribusiness includes the agricultural input, production, processing, manufacturing, transport sectors as well as the sellers and consumers.

E-commerce in agribusiness or E-agribusiness, isdoing agriculture related business online through the internet.

An increasing number of agri-businesses are looking to the Internet as a marketing, management and service tool. Onlinepresence is increasingly being seen as a necessity to business existence.Organized trading of reliable and high-quality goods in large volumes across the world is one of the major benefits of e-agribusiness.


Benefits of e-commerce in agribusiness

  1. Increased Reach

With the help of many portals, farmers can get in touch with many buyers without worrying about any geographical boundaries.

  1. Easy Buying & Selling

Sellers can sell for more profit and gain. Farmers too can benefit by earning a fair price for their produce.

  1. Global Market

Indian agricultural products are well-known throughout the world. Hence, with the help of many websites and portals, selling products in the international market would become easier.

  1. Enhances customer relationships


Limitationsof E-Agribusiness

Every new technology comes with opportunities as well as certain limitations but our focus must be on improving things

  1. Language Barrier

Providing the same kind of information in various languages is a little tricky.


  1. Internet Connectivity

Unavailability and poor access to the internet makes e-agribusiness difficult.


  1. Electricity Issue

Electricity outages are very common in India, this makes e-agribusiness less beneficial.


  1. Risky Business

It requires a large amount of capital and delaying profitability is possible.


Government Initiatives

The Indian Government of Agriculture is striving to make E-Agriculture work effectively. They have started many innovative schemes to help farmers as well as other businesses related to the agriculture sector.

Few of the schemes are Kisan Knowledge Management System(KKMS), Kisan Knowledge Management System(KKMS), SeedNet Indian Portal, mKisan.


Future Scope of e-Agribusiness

There is a tremendous potential of e-commerce in Agribusiness. As it expands, enormous opportunities would be created in the agricultural sector. e-commerce in agribusiness at global level depends upon the information and telecommunications network of different countries.

Products like mangoes, grapes, rice, spices etc. has huge demand in the national as well as international market. There is a great scope for e-agribusiness,especially in horticulture and processed products.

Online retailing of agricultural inputs is relevant as it can help farmers get fair prices on their produce and save them from middlemen.  It is absolutely necessary that the Indian Agricultural Industry gets ready to do business in this medium.

But will e-agribusiness bring about a meaningful change for an Indian farmer?

Transformation of agriculture sector via the internet cannot happen overnight. E-commerce will give a platform for supply chain members to source directly from farmers, who otherwise have to go through multiple middlemen and agents.Currently, 80 % of the companies in India offer information whereasonly 20 % offer products and other services on the web.

E-commerce in agribusiness continues to become more popular in the country. While technology availability and its access has become easier than before, the transition is also characterized by a greater willingness to use technology in the agricultural field. In the last few years, agriculture has shown a tremendous progress in which technology has made a visible contribution. 


Why Agrihelp?

Agrihelp is an E-Commerce website with a wide range of products to meet agricultural needs.It was incorporated in 2020 under the company Shree Shakti Infotech.

At Agrihelp, we look to bridge the gap between the sellers, buyers and the farmers by providing our customers with the best products, at an affordable price, available at their doorstep.We offer a broad range of products for plant protection and nutrition. Our clients include farmers, FPOs, NGOs, nurseries, tea/coffee planters, home gardeners and other institutional growers.At Agrihelp, you can buy best fertilizers online in India.

We also provide:

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