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Many gardeners find the task of pruning and shaping their plants a daunting and terrifying task. Shaping and pruning are important because it not only encourages healthy growth but also makes your plants look good. Whether you are a beginner or a professional gardener knowing the right pruning skills will come in handy always.


You have tried your hand at pruning, but maybe you have gone too far and cut a few extra branches. Trimming your plants is not about getting your hands on pruning shear and cutting some extra branches. Incorrect ways of pruning can damage your plants and result in disappointment.


There are several techniques of correct pruning methods that we have shared here. Before we delve into the techniques you should know what is pruning.


What is Pruning?


The process is not too complicated. It involves carefully eliminating selective branches, buds, and leaves from the plant. The goal is to remove unwanted branches of the plants and you decide the growth and development of the plant. It promotes the natural and healthy growth of the plant. Also, it deters infestation by pests and insects. 


Pruning also depends on the blooming season and your purpose. By knowing your plants, their blooming season, you will be able to prune them correctly.


Why is Pruning required?


  • Promote healthy growth – Trimming and shaping help in the adequate growth of plants. If your plant is not flowering, trimming few branches will encourage the growth of new branches that will bear fruits and flowers.
  • Maintain landscape – Nobody likes to look at a clumsy garden with overgrowing shrubs, extended branches of plants. Pruning your shrubs and plants make your garden look neat and beautiful. It is perfectly beneficial for landscaping.
  • Pest control – Insects and pests are a nightmare for every garden. They not only damage the plants they affect but slowly spread to the entire garden. Pruning will keep the insects away and also you will be able to prune the diseased branches and leaves.


Types of Pruning


  • Thinning – This procedure aims at removing branches at the bottom near the trunk. 
  • Topping – In this procedure branches are removed from the top to the bottom of the trunk. This is done when you want your plant to grow in a certain way.
  • Raising – Low hanging branches are cleared from the tree for creating headspace.
  • Reduction – The overall volume of the tree is reduced by trimming branches and leaves.


When is pruning required for plants?


When to prune your plants is the most basic and important thing to figure out. While pruning can be done at any time of the year, it is advisable to not do so. Pruning at the wrong time is not fatal but that will result in fewer flowers or fruits during the blooming season.


For flowering plants, you should prune right after the flowers die off. This will encourage full and abundant flowering in the next season. So, before you set off with your shears you should know the flowering season of your plant.


If you are pruning a bush or tree, try to maintain the original shape. Also, understand what you want to prune? Do you see any dead branches or rotten twigs? Prune them. Or do you see abnormal growth in your plant? Or is your vine is growing with only a single vine? Prune them to encourage the growth of other branches and make them bushy.


Don’t prune a seedling. You want them to be as leafy as possible for this will help the plant to be healthy. After they grow, you can prune the top and few branches for extensive foliage growth. Also, don’t let them flower after few months of planting. Remove any buds that they bear. Flowering at this stage will prevent vertical growth in the plant.


So, before pruning you should know the purpose as well. Remember, you do not want to prune flowering trees.


Pruning as a part of the plant maintenance is often overlooked. With the information from this article, you can understand how important pruning is for healthy plants. So, next time you will know which part to eliminate and which ones you ought to keep. Be careful to not kill your plants.


Pruning is one of the many maintenance tips to keep your plants healthy. Regular fertilizing, warding off insects are also some things you have to keep in my mind. You will require good agriculture products to grow wholesome plants. Choosing agricultural products is one of the most stressful responsibilities. What if you choose something that kills your plants? Or where can you get products you can trust?


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