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Agri Help is an e-commerce platform for agricultural products under Shree Shakti Infotech. We aim to bridge the gap between sellers and farmers and anyone who requires agricultural products. You might be a gardener looking for agriculture products to take care of your plants, or trying to home grow vegetables in your backyard. Or you are someone who loves growing seasonal fruits in pots. You will require a bag of vermicompost to feed your plants, or some insecticide to keep your plants free from diseases. The list is endless. Your responsibilities do not end with potting the plants.


The thought that looms over everyone’s mind is how to take care of the plants because gardening is not just about potting plants in well-fertilized soil. You have to make multiple trips to Nurseries to find fertilizers, insecticides to ward off the insects that feed off your leaves, soil mixes to prepare for different plants. How easy it would be if you could sit at home and order the products you needed? Yes, there are not many platforms to take care of your agriculture solutions. This is why Agrihelp came into existence.


Why you should choose Agrihelp?


We want to help farmers and other growers to have quality production with organic and safe agriculture products. We also want the manufactures to reach the masses. So, our platform is dedicated for catering to the best interests of the manufacturers and farmers.


  • Wide range of products - Our products range from organic to chemical fertilizer, insecticides, fungicide, viricide, plant growth regulators. Pesticides help to kill insects, fungi, unwanted plants. Your plants are often attacked by viruses. You don’t see any insects feeding off it, but leaves turning yellow, drooping leaves, stunting of growth, these are all signs of plants being attacked by a virus. Viricide is a chemical agent that will keep the plants safe from viruses. Plant growth regulators control the overall growth and development of plants. We also have bio kits for home gardens. This is particularly helpful for the gardeners who are confused about where to start and which particular products to pick out for their plants.


  • Compare before buying - You don’t have to walk to the store to compare different products. With us, you can do it at home. There are several brands on Agrihelp selling the same product, so you can compare the products before buying. This way you will only choose the best products for your plants. We supply our products to home gardeners, nurseries, farmers, NGOs, and others in dire need of agriculture products.



  • Free doorstep delivery - We offer free doorstep delivery for most of the products you buy from us. Our range of products is aimed at plant protection and plant nutrition. Our exchange service ensures that you are totally satisfied with our product. You can return a product as long as it is unused and in its original condition.


Can brands sell on Agrihelp?


If you have a company that manufactures agriculture products, you must be having the question by now whether you can sell your products on our platform. The simple answer to the question is yes. Agrihelp is as much a platform for the farmers as it is for the manufacturers. We already have few brands associated with us that sell on our platform.


Previously, for selling products manufacturers had to partner with different nurseries where they could sell their products. There was no single platform where one could get all that he wanted. But on Agrihelp, a person can get everything under one roof. It is the most convenient way for them to shop for agricultural products.


Selling on our platform will be beneficial for you as well as for the hundreds of people buying your products from our platform. Going digital with us will help you to reach customers in every corner of the country. With our online delivery service, customers can order the products online and get them delivered at their doorstep. Agrihelp aims to make farmers and people related to agriculture independent, and reach every field of the country with our products and help people with the best quality produce.


We believe with Agrihelp we can bring a change in the agriculture section of the country. We want to uplift the farmers, the backbone of our country’s economy. Besides the farmers or anyone related to agriculture, our platform will uplift the manufacturing sector by making their products available to the masses. This is something we need to advance our agriculture sector of the country. Visit our website agrihelp.co to know about us and how you can join us to bring the change. If you have any queries, leave your information on the ‘contact us’ option and we will get back to you.



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