Going Digital with Agriculture Products

Agri Help is an e-commerce platform for agricultural products under Shree Shakti Infotech. We aim to bridge the gap between sellers and farmers and anyone who requires agricultural products. You might be a gardener looking for agriculture products to take care of your plants, or trying to home grow ...

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10 Most Useful Gardening Accessories

Whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables, in your first garden or tenth, there are certain tools that every gardener finds to be essential. Gardening will be easier and more fun when you have the right tools at hand. It can be really overwhelming to choose from a huge variety of gardeni...

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Why do farmers use fertilizers?

Just as humans need essential minerals and nutrients for a healthy living, so do the world's crops. Fertilizers are food for plants and their role in food production must not be underestimated.   What are Fertilizers?   Fertilizers are substances supplied to the crops to bo...

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Scope of E-commerce in Agribusiness in India

Agriculture is the backbone of our country; it accounts for about 16% of our GDP and employs around 42% of the country’s workforce.While every other business is busy reaping the benefits of e-commerce, agriculture still remains far behind. But experts believe that this sector can be uplifted w...

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Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?

Genetically modified foods are the foods produced from or used from Genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms are basically those organisms ( plant, animals or microorganisms ) who are injected with Genetic material ( DNA) that does not occur by mating or natural recombination. ...

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Agriculture has been an industry with immense potential for years. The sheer numbers of newly developed variants in horticulture crops are the real-life testimony to it. The demand and production of crops have increased tremendously over these years. Intending to meet the demands, the industry has e...

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How Profitable is Tea Farming in India?

Tea- one of the oldest and popularly demanded beverages goes back in time to ancient China. Tea is a daily drink for many and is popularly known as ‘Chai’ in India. The tea farming business is no joke.   How profitable is tea farming?   Commercial tea farming is a ...

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How do Herbicides work?

What are Herbicides? Herbicides are chemical substances that are used to kill unwanted plants and control weed growth. They are called ‘weed-killers. For Example Metribuzin, Dacthal, Sethoxydim, Carfentrazone, Pendimethalin, Halosulfuran-methyl, Bensulide, Trifluralin, and Napropami...

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Common Vegetable Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Vegetable gardening is a kind of gardening that focuses on the growth and distribution of vegetables and edible plants for our consumption. Although the name might sound aesthetic, a vegetable garden is nothing like a flower garden. A flower garden is visually appealing while a vegetable garden has ...

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Indian Agriculture Trends in 2021

Agriculture, along with other sectors associated with it, is undoubtedly the biggest, far-reaching provider of livelihood in India. Our country is a widely diverse region with a big number of agro-ecological zones commissioned by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. These zones have almost a...

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Is Too Much Fertilizer A Problem?

The usage of fertilizers has always been advocated as an essential factor to promote the growth and production of crops and plants. But the question that still haunts us, ‘Is too much fertilizer a problem?’ And how is that? First of all, let us go back to the basic question, WHAT ARE F...

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The Most Important Facts About Organic Farming

Organic farming is a practice of farming that can be defined as the collaboration of environmental management and agricultural production to grow products while simultaneously preserving nature and its natural resources. Organic farming focuses on finding ways that are not harmful to the surrounding...

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Sustainable Gardening; All You Need To Know

Sustainable gardening is basically a method of organic farming in which the plants are grown and harvested in such a manner that the garden maintains its sustenance devoid of the use of artificial resources such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and additives. This type of gardening completely...

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Why Fungicides Are A Must For Your Farm?

A fungicide, considered to be a pesticide, is a substance made of chemicals to kill fungi, fungal infections, and fungi spores in plants. Oftentimes, crops like cherries, melons grapes, cabbage, and some berries get attacked by predatory fungi. Fungicides help in reducing and slowing the growth of f...

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