10 Best Home Garden Tips for Beginners

Starting to build a garden is one of the most exciting, rewarding as well as daunting things you can do. Whether planting fragrant florals or thinking of starting a vegetable garden (or both!), everyone can benefit from getting their hands a little dirty.  It all starts with a li...

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Going Digital with Agriculture Products

Agri Help is an e-commerce platform for agricultural products under Shree Shakti Infotech. We aim to bridge the gap between sellers and farmers and anyone who requires agricultural products. You might be a gardener looking for agriculture products to take care of your plants, or trying to home grow ...

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Guide to Pruning and Shaping your Plants

Many gardeners find the task of pruning and shaping their plants a daunting and terrifying task. Shaping and pruning are important because it not only encourages healthy growth but also makes your plants look good. Whether you are a beginner or a professional gardener knowing the right pruning skill...

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Interesting facts about Indian Agriculture

India has always been a land of agriculture. From worshipping, Goddess Annpurna, the holy deity of food and nourishment, to becoming the country whose primary source of income is agriculture, India has come a long way. Just like its culture, Indian agriculture is also very diverse and highly sustain...

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10 Most Useful Gardening Accessories

Whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables, in your first garden or tenth, there are certain tools that every gardener finds to be essential. Gardening will be easier and more fun when you have the right tools at hand. It can be really overwhelming to choose from a huge variety of gardeni...

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Balconies are the heart and soul of any apartments. It is the place where people who love sunlight spend lots of time. The evening can be made extra special with a hot cup of tea at the balcony with a view worth a million dollars.It gives the much-needed peace of mind.Life becomes distinct over time...

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Different types of gingers are grown in different regions of India. Like any other crop. Ginger also requires certain specific growth conditions to prosper. Hence, before planning ginger production, these areas need to be taken care of. Conditions required for greenhouse ginger farming A greenhous...

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How do Herbicides work?

What are Herbicides? Herbicides are chemical substances that are used to kill unwanted plants and control weed growth. They are called ‘weed-killers. For Example Metribuzin, Dacthal, Sethoxydim, Carfentrazone, Pendimethalin, Halosulfuran-methyl, Bensulide, Trifluralin, and Napropami...

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Is Too Much Fertilizer A Problem?

The usage of fertilizers has always been advocated as an essential factor to promote the growth and production of crops and plants. But the question that still haunts us, ‘Is too much fertilizer a problem?’ And how is that? First of all, let us go back to the basic question, WHAT ARE F...

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The Most Important Facts About Organic Farming

Organic farming is a practice of farming that can be defined as the collaboration of environmental management and agricultural production to grow products while simultaneously preserving nature and its natural resources. Organic farming focuses on finding ways that are not harmful to the surrounding...

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Sustainable Gardening; All You Need To Know

Sustainable gardening is basically a method of organic farming in which the plants are grown and harvested in such a manner that the garden maintains its sustenance devoid of the use of artificial resources such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and additives. This type of gardening completely...

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Why Fungicides Are A Must For Your Farm?

A fungicide, considered to be a pesticide, is a substance made of chemicals to kill fungi, fungal infections, and fungi spores in plants. Oftentimes, crops like cherries, melons grapes, cabbage, and some berries get attacked by predatory fungi. Fungicides help in reducing and slowing the growth of f...

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Things Essential for Your Plants Beside Watering

Gardening can be a lot of work. You must water the plants, fertilize them, and keep pests away from your garden.  Watering your plants is the most important thing you can do to care for them, but there are many other aspects of plant care that need to be taken into consideration.  How do...

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