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Organic farming is a practice of farming that can be defined as the collaboration of environmental management and agricultural production to grow products while simultaneously preserving nature and its natural resources. Organic farming focuses on finding ways that are not harmful to the surroundings, this includes animals. With the increasing demand for natural and fresh products, it has become a necessity to do farming in ways that are beneficial for the customers as well as prevents our environment from further exploitation

Some products that are made from organic farming include vegetables, fruits, flowers, cereals, milk, cheese, bread, seeds, and organic soy cakes for animals to feed on.

Below are the facts about organic farming you probably didn’t know;

India and Organic Farming 

Although the movement was started in the late 1940’s by the United States, which led to the immense popularity of the method, India was already practicing organic farming for a long period of time. India and its civilization flourished on natural, organic farming for innumerable years, maintaining its legacy as one of the most thriving country around the globe, until the colonization hit. Organic farming is still a common practice among the rural areas of the country; farming is done with the help of organic methods such as making manures and fertilizers out of plant and animal products. Cow dung, to this day, is prioritized over fertilizers with chemicals in them. 

Organic Products Are Not Natural 

Natural, by definition, means something that comes from nature rather than human involvement in it. Organic products are brought into existence by humans, while natural foods are untouched by mankind in every way. Organic foods are made by boycotting chemical pesticides and fertilizers, natural foods are already free from any synthetic ingredient, preservatives and additives. So to say that we eat naturally grown foods would be false, consumption of organic food is the correct term.

Increasing Demand For Organic Foods 

The demand for organic food distribution is gradually increasing in India. Especially during these tough times of the Covid-19 emergency, a majority of the people in India is leaning more towards on the safer and healthier side. The IMARC Group is expecting major growth in the organic market between 2021 to 2026. Citizens of our nation are starting to get more aware of their health security, which is why they prefer nutrient-based foods. This awareness to ensure the health of millions in our country has led to a surge in the demand for organic products. Moreover, slowly but steadily the demand for organic foods is moving along the paths to take a lead in mainstream food distribution. 

Organic Farms Can Surely Use Pesticides 

There are dozens of options out there with natural substances that can be used as pesticides. Most commonly these “natural” pesticides use components like dairy cultures, vitamin B, sulfur, nicotine sulfate, copper, and neem.

Organic Products are Pretty Affordable 

Contrary to popular belief, a significant number of organic products are actually cheaper than regular ones. Even though it’s difficult to find a variety of organic foods at the supermarket, the products at organic markets are very much affordable. The popularity of organic foods has helped online organic distributors prosper, a majority of traditional and organic foods are priced around the same rate. Even if organic foods are somewhat higher in price in comparison to their traditional equivalent, they are certainly within most people’s budget range. Not to mention, organic food items have a higher health ranking, so choosing organic products over chemical-based foods is definitely a wiser choice.


It’s certain that organic foods offer better nutrition than traditionally farmed food, but that’s not the only beneficial thing about it. Organic farming is advantageous to the soil, helps in land cultivation, promotes water preservation, and ensures the safety of the surrounding wildlife. Additionally, techniques like the usage of green manure and composting help save the nutrients taken off of the soil. 

With the growing urgency for food that is organic, it’s important to make the right choice for your crops to protect them from any potential harm as well as grow out healthy products. At Agri Help, we offer a wide array of products for Plant Protection and Plant Nutrition. Our mission is to make farming more accessible to not only farmers but also those who wish to grow crops privately on their own, i.e., home gardens, etc. 

Agri Help is working towards providing more efficient agricultural inputs to distributors, marketers, and operators. Our team works with a wider group of stakeholders, having them unite to work and build a healthy environment for the farming community and help in sustainable agriculture. From farmers to nurseries, NGOs, home gardeners, tea/coffee planters, and all the way to institutional growers, we have something for everyone! Try our products and allow us to contribute our share in preserving the environment. 

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