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Sustainable gardening is basically a method of organic farming in which the plants are grown and harvested in such a manner that the garden maintains its sustenance devoid of the use of artificial resources such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and additives. This type of gardening completely works in accordance with nature and is beneficial for preserving the environment and its natural resources. Sustainable gardening promotes biodiversity and works towards the preservation of water. The chemical cut-out is proven to be advantageous for soil conservation as well. 

Sustainable gardening or farming, in simple words, would mean not harming the environment and its inhabitants. This kind of gardening practice focuses on not being detrimental to the planet, instead of trying out ways to enhance its sustainability. The whole point of sustainable gardening is to maintain and reinforce the nourishment of the environment.

A sustainable garden or farm is made with the help of composting organic materials and planting seeds that’d grow out to be in harmony with each other. Adjusting the pH depends on chemical-free methods such as providing natural nutrients and soil composition. An ideal sustainable garden is supposed to attract insects that are beneficial for the crops. Planting crops that grow in harmony is needed to minimise unnecessary weed growth. A soil that has sufficient nutrients and is able to retain significant moisture is best to perform sustainable farming on. 

Bringing sustainable gardening in use is a practice that reaches to achieve perfection in protecting nature, its inhabitants, and discovering ways of farming that are harmless. Creating a safer environment for sustainable gardening would lead us to a better, healthier life and improve the surroundings we live in. Sustainability in gardening is not only organic but also very much focused on the conservation of our planet. Basically, sustainability imitates natural processes to acquire products with the help of only a little amount of supplements The supplements include attracting beneficial predatory insects instead of using pesticides and using drip irrigation to preserve water. Sustainable gardening is totally eco-friendly and low maintenance. 

Sustainable Gardening and Farming Methods 

  • Composting – Composting is the most common sustainable practice of gardening. Setting out compost in garden beds retains the moisture in the soil from drying up, prevents the roots of the plants from damage caused by temperature flickers, keeps the crop free from diseases or infections, and provides maximum nourishment needed. Compost can improve the soil conditions for farming by making it more fertile. Animal wastes and waste food break down into the compost pit and enhances the soil’s ability to grow healthy plants.
  • Integrated Pest Management – IPM or Integrated Pest Management is an idea to come up with remedies that are the least toxic to prevent the gardening journey from any potentially harmful situations. The gardener is needed to keep track of the plants and collect the necessary information to tally the data. This is an eco-friendly strategy to control pests by using methods that include habitat manipulation, use of resistant products, biological control, etc.
  • Beneficial Insects – Certain insects have been proven to bring security to crops such as ladybugs, dragonflies, wasps, and bees that eat large numbers of arthropods like mites and aphids. These mites feed on healthy plants and harm them which is why getting beneficial insects is a safer option. On the other hand, these advantageous insects might not show up when they’re needed the most. Hence, they’re sold in nurseries. 
  • Companion Planting – Companion planting is exactly what the term sounds like; crops are planted in such a manner that every plant has a companion equivalent that repels pests by confusing them and attracts beneficial insects. This method of growing plants together is believed to be profitable by assisting one another in some way or other. It improves growth, enhances nutrition and flavor, calls in beneficial insects, gets rid of pests, etc.

Sustainable gardening is becoming a common practice among farmers as more and more people are getting aware of the preservation of the Earth. Sustainable farming is not at all complex, instead, it’s an easy experience and anyone can practice it! Sustainable gardeners work towards the betterment of agricultural land and nature in general.

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